Common Short Code (CSC) Provisioning & Hosting

Mapleleaf Mobile can create and develope for you, Dedicated, Shared or Premium Common Short Code with most mobile providers in either America or Canada. We develop common short codes with only tier one short code aggregators. Even if you already have a common short code, or you need one now, the Mapleleaf Mobile team can get you made, certified and connected fast!

Shared Common Short Codes

Mapleleaf has launched a brand new version of their shared short code. For a minimum of one time pre quarter, they ensure a vast and expansive keyword availability and speed to market for their shared short code consumers and users. Also feel free to ask about their Wild West SMS. 10% Shared Short Codes

Dedicated Common Short Codes

Mapleleaf Mobile can place your dedicated short code on the express way to carrier approval. Dedicated short codes(DSC) can be created, approved, tested and connected in just 8 – 10 weeks.

Premium Common Short Codes (PSMS)

Provisioning a PSMS is challenging. But by Utilize the knowledge base of Mapleleaf Mobile to create your PSMS quickly, and to allow you to start making money with your mobile billing solution.

Premium Shared Short Codes

Mapleleaf mobile brokers space on premium shared short codes in nations across the globe. With pricies starting as low as $250 a month. With that your premium SMS billing campaign can be fully functional within days!

Enterprise SMS Application and SMS Gateway

Mapleleaf’s Enterprise SMS Application has a very rich feature system with it’s SMS application, the gateway on your markets will cost a lot less than you think. Ask about their White Label SMS Reseller Solutions.


  • Mapleleaf can have your shared short code live as soon as today.
  • A premium shared short code can be up and running in 5-7 days
  • A dedicated short code can be created as soon as 8-10 weeks
  • And a premium short code can be developed as soon as 10-14 weeks